A Producers Story

When it comes to taking the plunge to produce major events or even take the responsibility of managing an artists career you take an oath of committment and responsibility.

Its a committment that is ensuring that the fans get the live shows they deserve from their favourite music artist and the artist is managed responsibly and skillfully to create the opportunities that will further their career..

The art of producing shows is onerous, its a two fold committment where the producer takes care of the back of house and the artist takes care of the stage - its a partnership thats built on trust and respect.

Many months of planning are poured into every tour or event, sometimes things go according to plan and sometimes not....but as they say the show must go on and its this responsibility and burden that drives a producer to ensure that nothing can get in the way of staging the best possible production ..after 20 years of producing over 2000 shows and major events with over some 4 million tickets sold, and some 600,000 records sold or downloaded by the artists we have managed, you realise that you have been fortunate to be living an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

The experiences of a producer, artist manager is one of learning and one of satisfaction whilst  meeting talented individuals that all have a story to tell.

This is a little piece of my story.